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Step-By-Step Guide


Get Started

Close up shot of a white smart phone with the Signos app on the screen. The Signos app image shows an illustration of a glucose line graph with a glucose spike after the user ate a meal and then the glucose level slowly drops back to normal after the rise in glucose signals insulin to be released to push glucose into the body's cells.

Download the Apple Signos app:

Signos App in the Apple App Store

Download the Android Signos app:
Signos App in the Google Play Store

Downloading the Dexcom App:
Dexcom G6 App in the Apple App Store
Dexcom G6 App in the Google Play Store

Download the Dexcom App and complete the sign-up process.

Next, click the link in the confirmation email that Dexcom sends you and follow the prompts until you land back in the Dexcom app and you move through the educational information.


Open Your Box

Your Signos box contains:

  • Signos Welcome Letter and Guide
  • 3 Boxes of Dexcom Sensors (9 Sensors Total)
  • 1 Dexcom Transmitter
  • 10 Signos Athletic Covers
  • 10 Alcohol Wipes
  • Signos Manual
An animated gif of a person opening the Signos box, pulling out the three Dexcom sensors, showing a sensor, and showing a transmitter.
An animated gif showing the different boxes of the transmitter and the applicator.

Knowing your hardware:

  • Dexcom sensor comes attached to an applicator
  • Dexcom transmitter

Apply Your 1st Sensor


  • Fast overnight and apply sensor first thing in the morning
  • Shave hair from application site for pain free removal later

What You'll Need:

  • 1 Sensor
  • 1 Transmitter
  • 1 Alcohol Wipe
  • 1 Athletic Cover (Optional)

Pick a site on your stomach or upper arm:
This can be two (2) inches on either side of the belly button, or on the back of either arm. Select an area not prone to excessive bumping.

An image of a woman pointing to her abdomen and her arm under her deltoid.

Clean Sensor Site

A woman wiping her abdomen with an alcohol wipe.

Use the alcohol wipes to clean the placement site you picked. Let skin dry completely before sensor application.


Peel Off Sensor Cover

Peel the adhesive cover off of the sensor.


Keep the adhesive cover. You will need the ID number found therein for accurate Dexcom data syncing.

A woman holding the Dexcom applicator, and peeling off the protective paper from the adhesive.

Apply the Sensor

A woman pressing the Dexcom sensor to her abdomen, breaking the tab, and pressing the button to apply the sensor.
  • Place the uncovered sensor on the area you cleaned with the alcohol wipe.
  • Break the safety clip off.
  • Push the application button.
  • Use fingers to rub around the white adhesive area three (3) times.

Attach the Transmitter

Insert the transmitter into the sensor. Once it is pressed down, you should hear 2 quick clicks.

Keep the transmitter box. It contains the ID number needed for Dexcom data syncing.

A gif of a woman placing the transmitter into the sensor, and pushing on it to make it click twice.

Apply the Athletic Cover

A gif of a woman applying the protective sport cover over the transmitter and sensor.

This is an optional step: Remove the outer adhesive tabs one-by-one and smooth over the sensor without creasing in order to place the Signos athletic cover on top of the CGM. For additional comfort, you can leave the center adhesive tab on.


Sync to Dexcom

Important: Once the sensor and transmitter are applied, immediately go into the Dexcom app in order to activate the CGM and connect it to the Signos platform.

A gif of a phone screen downloading the Dexcom app.
A gif of a phone screen within the Dexcom app, where the prompts are asking to register the numeric codes on the applicator and transmitter. The last image is of the blue tooth pairing with the device.

Follow all in-app prompts for bluetooth pairing as well as transmitter and sensor ID requests.


Sensor Warm-Up

Once all info is entered, the two (2) hour sensor warmup clock will start. During this time, please go to Dexcom settings to optimize alerts.

A gif showing the sensor warmup screen as the newly placed sensor is calibrating.
A screen showing the apple settings to the alerts section, with the different sounds on the Dexcom app turned off.

While your sensor warms up, go to the Dexcom settings to optimize alerts. After Dexcom alerts are set, continue to the next step while the sensor continues to warm up.


Data Authorization

While the two (2) hour calibration is underway, please open the Signos app and follow the in-app prompts to authorize Signos to read data from your Dexcom CGM.

A gif showing the Signos app opening, followed by prompts to log into Dexcom to connect your device.

Sensor Warmup

A screen indicating the Dexcom sensor warm up phase that typically takes two hours.

Please do not skip these important reminders:

  • Always leave the Dexcom app open on your phone for data syncing.
  • 1 transmitter lasts for 90 days from the day you apply your first sensor.
  • Always keep the ID numbers and packaging of the transmitter and sensors!
  • 1 sensor stays on for 10 days. You can sleep, shower, exercise and swim with it.
  • Keep your phone within 20 feet of you for bluetooth data transmitting.

Your sensor is activated and you’re officially ready to begin your Signos journey.
Congratulations! Start moving through the ‘Begin’ Day on the Signos homescreen. If you have any questions, reach out to the Signos Support team at

IMPORTANT: If you’re experiencing device issues, contact Signos Support BEFORE removing a sensor, and they will be happy to help you troubleshoot. Subscriptions do not include free replacements for devices incorrectly utilized or removed prematurely.