Step-by-step guide


Get Started

Download the Apple Signos app:
Signos App in the Apple App Store

Download the Android Signos app:
Signos App in the Google Play Store

Log in or create your password:

Login to your account with the credentials you set previously. If you haven’t already created an account, simply select, “create your password” and enter the email you used to purchase your Signos subscription. We’ll email you a password setup link.



Your Signos box contains:

  • Dexcom Sensors
  • Dexcom Transmitter
  • Signos Sports Covers
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Booklet
Note: If you've received a glucose drink, simply pour it out and recycle the bottle. Signos no longer needs this test in order to be accurate.

Apply Your 1st Sensor

To get started, you need:

  • 1 Alcohol Wipes
  • 1 Dexcom Sensor
  • 1 Dexcom Transmitter
  • 1 Signos Sports Cover

Follow the instructions in the app:

  • Enter the transmitter serial number
  • Then the sensor code 

Then follow the steps below to place your sensor on your body.

Pick a site on your stomach or upper arm:

This can be two (2) inches on either side of the belly button or the upper back (underside) of either arm. Select an area not prone to excessive bumping or contact.

Before you apply your sensor, it’s important to:

  • Fast overnight and apply sensor first thing in the morning when your glucose is stable
  • Consider shaving the hair from application site for pain free removal later (in ten days)

Use the alcohol wipes from your package to clean your skin where you want to put the sensor. Let skin dry completely before you apply your sensor.


Clean Sensor Site

Use the alcohol wipes to clean the placement site you picked. Let skin dry completely before sensor application.


Peel Off Sensor Cover

Peel the adhesive cover off of the sensor.


Keep the adhesive cover. You will need the ID number found therein for accurate Dexcom data syncing.


Apply the Sensor

  • Place the uncovered sensor on the area you cleaned with the alcohol wipe.
  • Break the safety clip off.
  • Push the application button.
  • Use fingers to rub around the white adhesive area three (3) times.

Attach the Transmitter

Connect the transmitter to the sensor by inserting the small end first into the lip, followed by the larger end. Lightly press down, and you should hear 2 quick clicks.


Keep the transmitter box. It contains the ID number needed for Dexcom data syncing.


Apply the Athletic Cover

This is an optional step: Remove the outer adhesive tabs one-by-one and smooth over the sensor without creasing in order to place the Signos athletic cover on top of the CGM. For additional comfort, you can leave the center adhesive tab on.



Once you place your CGM, it will take 2 hours to warm up. Check your app to see time remaining.

While you wait, explore other areas of the app!

Removing & Replacing a Sensor

The app will send a reminder when it’s time to replace your sensor, after approximately 10 days. Remove it just like you would remove a bandaid. If you remove your sensor before it expires, stop your sensor first by going to Settings > CGM > sensor.

1. Remove the transmitter and sensor

Pull the sensor patch off like a Band-Aid. The transmitter, holder, and sensor all come off with the patch.

2. Separate the transmitter and the sensor

Don’t remove the transmitter from the sensor holder until you’ve peeled the patch off of your skin. Grasp the wide, rounded edge of the holder. Bend the holder edge down to break it and release the transmitter.

Pull the transmitter straight out. You will keep this for use as it lasts 90 days - enough for roughly 9 sensors.

3. Prepare to connect new sensor with existing transmitter

Keep transmitter to use with the next sensor, and throw away sensor and sports cover.

Reset transmitter:

Let your transmitter rest for 15 minutes before connecting it to your new sensor to let it reset.

New Sensor Placement

The app will guide you through the necessary steps to apply your new sensor, connect your transmitter, and begin the warmup process.

Best Practices

The app will guide you through the necessary steps to apply your new sensor, connect your transmitter, and begin the warmup process.

  • Sensor is replaced every 10 days, we’ll remind you when it's time.
  • Transmitter is replaced every 90 days; we'll remind you when it's time.
  • The first 24 hours of a new sensor may have more variable readings. You do not need to manually calibrate, the sensor is designed to self calibrate with time. 
  • Connectivity best practices
    - Keep your phone nearby
    - Keep app running
    - Keep your phone battery charged
  • Placement best practices
    - Location (low hair, somewhere that won’t get compressed, wherever comfortable)
  • Maintenance
    - Wear sports cover
    - Store unused sensors & transmitters in cool/dry place
  • You can end a sensor early by stopping the sensor in settings > CGM. Once stopped the same sensor cannot be restarted or reused

Need more help? We're here for you!

If you’re experiencing any device issues, contact Signos Support BEFORE removing a sensor, and we will be happy to help you troubleshoot. Subscriptions do not include free replacements for devices incorrectly utilized or removed prematurely. 

Reach out at Signos Support: or via:

  • The In-App chat feature, found on the Social tab of the iOS Signos app
  • The 'Support' or 'Contact Us' button in the Settings tab of the Signos app
  • By phone: (650) 263-4502