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3. A headshot of Signos Chief Marketing Officer Hannah Russin.

Hannah Russin

Chief Marketing Officer

Former Head of Growth at Lyft. Taking Mission-Driven Startups to Scale. Working on losing the shelter-in-place pounds. (She’s down 5.5lbs!)


Hannah Russin

Hannah Russin joins Signos as the Chief Marketing Officer to change the way we understand, manage, and optimize our weight through personalized health data. Hannah is a startup-veteran with broad customer acquisition experience in multiple industries. She was previously CMO at Embark, focused on genetic health and wellness. Before Embark, Hannah served as Lyft’s Head of Growth, overseeing emergent channels and scaling the business. Prior to joining Lyft, Hannah co-founded DataScore, a user acquisition consultancy where she led business development and growth. Lyft acquired DataScore in August 2017. Hannah holds a BA in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, and loves science fiction and fantasy novels.

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