Personalized weight management leveraging glucose data

Signos' evidence‒based behavior change programs are perfectly positioned to help anyone succeed on their weight loss journey.


Average lbs lost per person in six months


Average weight reduction in six months


Drop a whole BMI category in six months

What Members Say

mrbuffneff - Verified Member
Interesting & useful product for losing weight

44 yo male started 6 mo program on Jan 22 about a month after finishing the book Glucose Revolution. I’m 6 days into my first CGM and I’ve completed the first 9 activities. My wife also joined the program a few days later.

Verified Member
Wish I’d done it sooner

“They use the “best” CGM (Dexcom G7) and were the cheapest option for a non-diabetic, making them simultaneously the cheapest and highest quality option. (They are only the cheapest if you do a 6 month run) No complaints with the app, hope that they stick around because they provide a lot of value.”

Verified Member
Fantastic App/Health Monitor

So far this app has been a part of my daily routine and Signos itself has been wonderful. I have kept my goals, watched how food affects my glucose and overall health, and just in general kept track of me! I love it. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Verified Member
Best investment for lasting results

This is the best investment I have ever made concerning my health. You get to see in real time the opportunities to assist in making positive changes and how your body responds. It’s like having my own personal trainer I carry around on my arm. It is a fantastic product.

Kathleen - Verified Member
Down 16lbs and counting

it's a game changer for sure. I'm down 16lbs since December 9th and the invaluable information this device gives you is remarkable. I'm a fan for sure.

Verified MDVIP Physician
User friendly

“Very [user friendly]. I found it to be easy to use as did a majority of my patients.”

Anthony B - Verified Member
This is worth every dollar

This is worth every dollar. It really allows you to see how your body responds to different foods and activities. It has also allowed me to continue to eat alot of the foods I love but I now know which ones to have in moderation. Or how much exercise to do if I do eat something I should moderate. With 1 1/2 months of use, I have already lost 15 pounds.

Marcus - Verified Member
Great way to get glucose info

Even though I sometimes get nervous when I spike I know what to eat to bring it down. I can look in history and quickly find out what lowers it. Great tool for someone who wants to lower their a1c .

Verified Member
Game Changer

I am finding this to be a game changer for me in my weightloss journey. I’ve learned so much about the relationship between my glucose levels and my weight.
The Signos Podcasts are also a very helpful adjunct.

Verified Member
Weight loss and lowering glucose

I have used the app and patch now for
6 weeks. It makes me be responsible by logging my meals and workouts. I have seen both weight loss 10# and lowered my average glucose by 15 basis points. Could have not done it with out the live data.

Verified MDVIP Physician
Excellent product

“Excellent product with a tremendous potential to positively impact patient health! I look forward to implementing this in my own practice!”

Verified Member
Great app!

Staying on track with healthy foods is at my fingertips now with my Signos CGM. There is so much misinformation about what is healthy but now I know what my own personal body reacts too. It’s truly life changing in a positive way.

Verified Member

Great app with a ton of features and information that has helped me get control of my blood glucose and lose weight during the holiday season!! If you want to take a deep dive into what’s up with your diet and blood sugar this is it!! Also a really good support team to help you along the way!

Martin T. - Verified Member
Signos rocks…

Less than 3 months and just shy of 30 pounds lost. Interesting to see what food does to you in particular. You are learning about yourself, how things effect you personally. The AI helps prompt you and the lessons help you trial the concept in different ways. It has been quite the experience. Would recommend if you like data and are motivated to improve.

Heather - Verified Member
Helping me learn to eat

This app gives great activities and lots of information to help me be healthy and keep my blood sugar optimal.

Verified Member
Great for understanding what you can eat

I have lost 30 pounds so far, 40 to go.

Verified MDVIP Physician
Great program for my practice

“I had a patient very motivated to make real lifestyle and nutrition changes based on this program.”

Luv tech - Verified Member
Great app

Staying on track with healthy foods is at my fingertips now with my Signos CGM. There is so much misinformation about what is healthy but now I know what my own personal body reacts too. It’s truly life changing in a positive way.

Katie H. - Verified Member
Best thing I did for my health!

I hesitated because it is an investment but I’m so glad I took the leap! I’ve learned so much in 2 months and have actually lost weight. It was a worthwhile investment!

Ravens - Verified Member
Game changer for your health

I love this app. It has been a great tool for getting my weight and health under control (I do not have diabetes but I’m sure it would be a game changer for that also). The food log is great with so many options including brand names, making it simple to log a meal by just “find” and add. The notification of spikes keeps me moving (becomes a competition to keep my numbers in range).

Temesos - Verified Member
Works well for me

I have been using the Signos app for two weeks now and it has help me understand my physiology better. It has brought greater insight into my diet patterns, the effects of exercise and stress on my body. I can highly recommend this service to anyone interested in improving their health and fitness.

Mike Plays Guitar - Verified Member
A whole New Perspective

Managing my blood glucose level has been the key to managing my health. I’ve lost weight and feel so much more in control. They make it easy to use and understand what the CHM is telling you. I recommend it highly.