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Want to contribute substantially to the hottest tech that's helping people change the lives, get healthier, and lose weight?

A white woman with a blond braid standing in a park. She's smiling and about to drink water from a reusable water bottle.
A white man with a beard is sitting at a table with an Android phone in his hands. He's wearing a blue shirt and wearing a CGM with Signos sports cover on his right arm.
A young Lebanese man and young Indian girl are smiling and looking over their shoulders. Both are wearing a CGM with Signos sports cover on the triceps of their left arms.
Company Perks

Rewards for hard work

Light blue icon with a white laptop in the center. Used to represent that you can work from anywhere at Signos.

Modern locations

Social and live in the Bay Area? Pop into the office for face-to-face strategy meetings. Not in CA? No prob. We have remote roles too.

Light blue icon with a white suitcase in the center. Used to rerepsent that Signos offers unlimited personal time off.

Flexible PTO

Work hard, play hard. We push to get things done but also encourage staff to take vacation, sick or mental health days, and parental leave as it suits.

Light blue icon with a white shield and blue cross in the center. Used to represent that Signos offers medical insurance.

Dynamic hours

Keep in touch over Slack, email, video calls, and other tools so you won't feel alone whether you're working from home or a beach in Costa Rica.

Light blue icon with a white clock in the center. Used to represent flexible work hours at Signos.

Medical insurance

Feel secure with top-of-the-line health, dental, and vision plan choices so you can take care of you and your family without worry.

Photo of Hannah Russin, Signos' chief marketing officer
Hannah Russin
Chief Marketing Officer
A day in the life at Signos

“At Signos, I help change the way people relate to their bodies in a transformative way.”

We're building a team of smart, thoughtful individuals who bring a variety of experiences to shape our product into the most impactful app that people use on a daily basis to connect to their health.

Open Positions

Can't find the right position?

Our team is growing fast. If you don't see an open role that suits you, send us your resume so we can get to know each other.

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