Client Metabolism at Your Fingertips

Tap into real-time, continuous data and get direct insight into each client's metabolic profile. 

Upgrade your practice with best-in-class tools and insights.

Provide better outcomes through a hyper-personalized, science-backed approach to sustainable weight loss and glucose management.

Boost health engagement with Dexcom G7 CGMs and the latest metabolic tools. 
View real-time metabolic data for each client in an easy-to-use dashboard. 
Provide more informed recommendations and help clients achieve better health outcomes.
Grow your practice with a truly differentiated program that attracts new clients and retains them longer.

Why partner with Signos

Elevate your approach—directly access your client's metabolism and achieve transformative results.

Get a 360° view into the many factors that impact your client's body composition and health, including food, sleep, hydration, exercise, and more. Enable your practice to provide personalized recommendations that truly affect behavior change and lead to lasting outcomes. With Signos, you will have access to remote patient monitoring and be able to track program adherence & motivation.

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It’s Personal

Working towards better health can be confusing, and everyone’s metabolic response to food is unique. With Signos, get a full view of your client’s habits so you can impact behavior for long-term change.

In-App Activities

Signos provides comprehensive and structured activities allowing for steady engagement, learning at one’s own pace, guided experiments, and gamified lessons.

Insight Alerts

Signos will alert your clients when they’re having a glucose spike and at risk, and make recommendations based on millions of data points to help them take action.

Get Insights and Data for Remote Patient Monitoring

Food Logging

Log your meals and snacks in the app. Get real-time glucose predictions.

Weight Tracking

Log your weight and track your progress to your goals.

Hydration Tracking

Get real-time feedback on hydration and its impact on glucose.

Sleep Logging

Learn how healthy choices affect your nightly recovery.

Exercise & Activity Logging

Track your walks or workouts, or sync them from your favorite smart device.

Robust Reporting Tools

Get regular reports to see what foods and movements work best for you.

What You’ll Receive for Being a Partner of Signos

Differentiate your practice by offering the best-in-class CGMs, hyper-personalized programs that get results, and real-time actionable insights to each of your patients.

Signos allows you to retain customers longer, even after you help them reach their goals,  whether it be further weight loss, recomposition, or overall metabolic optimization. 

Partner Resources & Support

  • Informational one-pagers for your clients
  • Package/pricing guidance unique to your practice
  • Co-branded, templated, ready-to-go marketing collateral

Dedicated Team

  • Account Manager
  • Access to in-house nutritionists to help you leverage the information collected via Signos to be better coaches
  • Signos Executive Sponsor

Latest Technology

  • Best-in-class continuous glucose monitors (no inventory management required)
  • AI-driven app with features like glucose predictions, spike mitigation techniques, and more
  • Detailed dashboards that give you real-time insights into client metabolism

Still have questions?

Contact a dedicated partnership specialist.