Living well with diabetes

Unlock your metabolism

Real-time data for every meal

No calorie counting

Manage your weight & health

In-app access to nutritional coaching

* This product is not intended to prevent, mitigate, treat, or cure diabetes. Rather, it assists in weight control and living well with diabetes.

View, Track, and Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

Make data-driven decisions to more effectively manage your health and weight.

Find foods that work for your body, not against.

The way your body metabolizes certain foods is unique to you. Learn how each and every meal affects your blood sugar so you can be confident in making healthy food choices.  

Manage the stress of diabetes

Living with diabetes can be challenging. Signos offers a behavioral health program paired with your glucose data to help you experiment and understand the impact that food, sleep, stress, and movement have on you and your glucose.

Gain access to real-time insights

See in real-time how your daily habits affect your blood sugar, including what you eat, your exercise routine, how much sleep you get (or don’t get), and your stress levels. Log meals before eating them to see an AI predicted glucose change.

Learn with in-app reporting

When you log your food, sleep, exercise, and hydration in the app, Signos shows you how your body reacts and keeps track of this data for you. This way, you know what foods and activities to prioritize and which ones to keep to a minimum. 

Say goodbye to fingersticks

With Signos, we eliminate the need for frequent finger-sticking by providing you with a continuous glucose monitor to track your blood sugar.  Get real-time alerts when you go above your goal range.

How food affects glucose

Eating carbohydrates for energy spikes your blood sugar

Everyone has to eat, but using carbohydrates as your main fuel source can work against you. Carbs break down into sugar, so your blood sugar could elevate if you eat more carbohydrates than your body can tolerate.

Relying on protein and fat for energy stabilizes your blood sugar

Signos helps you to rely on protein and fat sources to fuel your body. This will reduce and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Learn exactly how each food affects your blood sugar so you can be confident in your food choices.

How we work

Get started with three easy steps.

Apply wearable CGM

Use a continuous glucose monitor to get your biodata.

Swimmer showcasing Signos wearable CGM.

Real-time feedback

Learn how your body reacts to different foods.

iPhone device showcasing Signos app.

Micro changes

Take action and adjust eating habits to reduce glucose spikes.

Girl stretching while showcasing Signos wearable CGM.

Get the best tools with our program

Wearable CGM & sport cover. Continuous tracking. Bluetooth connected. Water resistant.

Signos app access. Glucose data made simple. Guided activities. Recommendations of what works.

Smart device integration. Pair with your watch or ring for workout integration.

Our team of experts

“Signos shows how your body reacts to what you eat in real time. Signos isn’t a guess about what 'diet' will work for you. It helps you find your answer.”

- Dr. William Dixon, MD
Stanford Physician, American Board of Obesity Medicine Diplomate
Meet Our Experts

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, continuous glucose monitoring can help with weight loss when used to inform positive, long-lasting behavior changes.

Read the scientific evidence for using CGMs for weight loss.

You can take showers, exercise, work out, and even swim with your CGM. The CGM is designed to be able to work in water in depths of up to 8 feet and altitudes of up to 13,800 feet. You can also use it in a hot tub as long as the temperature does not exceed 107.6°F.

Live somewhere tropical? No worries, the sensor can function in up to 95% humidity.

You will not need to scan the CGM with your phone, as the device transmits data continuously — every 5 minutes — to your phone. To make sure your phone is capturing the readings, you just need to enable bluetooth, and make sure your phone is within 20 feet of you.

Based on your health history, a doctor will determine if you are a good fit to use the Signos platform. When approved, we will send your prescription to our pharmacy partner, and the kit will be delivered to you within 4-6 business days.

We are currently available on:

Your order will ship as soon as our medical partner approves your brief health quiz. After your prescription has been sent to our pharmacy, you will receive an email with your tracking number, and your Signos kit will ship within 1–2 weeks.

This depends on your provider. Different providers have different coverage, so we encourage you to check with your HSA/FSA provider first to determine if you can use your funds for the CGM and Signos program. If they accept CGMs in your plan, you can utilize the prescription details found in your shipment to submit to your provider for proof of purchase. 

Signos is not responsible for reimbursement in any capacity. Cancellation policies and terms and conditions outlined here still apply, even in the instance that your provider does not approve coverage or reimbursement for this program. 

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