How Signos Works

When you become a Signos member, you’ll get 24/7 access to the Signos app plus a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). Signos teaches you how to understand and act on your glucose data to become the healthiest version of you.

Signos helps you become the healthiest version of you

How your personalized weight loss plan works:

Here’s a scenario to help you explore the ways Signos guides you to make the best food choices for your body.


You eat and log a bowl of oatmeal with sliced banana and honey. We forecast your glucose in the future.


Your glucose graph shows a spike. We recommend what to do in real time.


You get a prompt that suggests you exercise to bring your glucose down.


You exercise and log it. Your glucose stabilizes allowing you to take charge and make changes.


Learn what foods spike you, and make little changes to your meals to avoid spiking.


Fuel your body with nutrient-dense foods that keep your glucose steady. Reap the benefits.

Weight Loss, Powered by AI

Whether you want to lose weight, discover metabolic insights, improve health, or accelerate performance, Signos combines the power of AI, science-backed tools, and behavior modification prompts to keep you on track. Pick your No. 1 health goal and Signos calculates the recommended glucose zone to help you meet it. 

Any time your glucose spikes above the top of your optimal zone, you’ll get a spike alert with advice on how to lower your glucose. 

Our AI uses your data as well as hundreds of thousands of other data points from other members. The more info you give us [by logging and syncing your health info with the Signos app], the better and more tailored the AI gets for you. This means logging is key: Log your meals, workouts, activities, and weight.

Emma Allison
Signos Vice President of Product
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How to get set up with Signos

Listen to your body’s metabolic signals to discover optimal health

A woman in a gym working out with a Signos CGM on her right arm.

Pick your plan. Submit answers to a short health quiz.


Get your kit in the mail, and apply your sensor (it's easy!)..


Download the Signos app and away we go!

Stay Accountable to Your Weight Loss and Health Goals

Glucose is the key link for successful weight loss and the mobile engagement from the Signos app provides feedback in real-time. The app builds accountability and instigates sustainable lifestyle change that results in weight loss.

Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer
Signos CEO and co-founder
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Signos Accountability Features

Glucose spike notifications

Signos sends you alerts whenever your glucose spikes out of your optimal range. Use that extra energy to go on a post-meal walk, do some jumping jacks, or bang out some squats and push-ups. Or, maybe stress is fueling the spike. Bring your glucose back down with deep breathing, meditation, tai chi, or gentle yoga.

Personalized exercise prompts

Log workouts to unlock this customized feature—our AI learns how your glucose responds to each workout you track. When your glucose spikes, our artificial intelligence predicts how hard and long you’ll need to work to bring down your glucose.

Predicted glucose

Log the meal or food you plan to eat and our powerful AI will predict your glucose response. You have to log food regularly to unlock this feature. It’s fun to see how accurately we can guess your future glucose!

Social community

Find other Signosians in the app. Swap fave recipes and workouts, start a challenge, and cheer each other on. Friendly support keeps you motivated.

Tools to Help You Succeed

Signos provides a host of tools to help contextualize your glucose data.

Self-monitoring of glucose (via continuous glucose monitor or standard fingerstick glucose meters) can be an effective tool for weight and fat loss, particularly when paired with expert guidance that helps you understand which behaviors help you stabilize your glucose.

William Dixon, MD
Emergency physician, and Signos co-founder
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Tools in the Signos App

Food logging

Log your meals and snacks in the app. The more you log, the more you learn.a

Exercise and activity logging

Log your workouts, sports, stairs climbed, any and all physical activities.

Sleep logging

Sleep quantity and quality matter for good health. Keep an eye on how your sleep can impact your glucose—you’ll likely find that you might crave sugary, high-calorie comfort foods and snacks when you’re sleep-deprived.

Hydration tracking

Water is key to life. Logging how much water you drink every day can remind you how vital proper hydration is to good health.

Weight tracking and graph

Log your weight every day to see how it changes over time.

Tools to track your progress

Get weekly and monthly glucose reports to see which foods spiked you the most. See a daily calendar view of the percent of time you spent in your optimal glucose range each day.

Glucose spiking is normal, and our bodies have a great regulatory system to handle it. But constantly elevated blood glucose is not healthy. Lots of damage may already be done to the body by the time people reach a pre-diabetic or diabetic range of glucose dysregulation.

Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer
Signos CEO and co-founder
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, continuous glucose monitoring can help with weight loss when used to inform positive, long-lasting behavior changes.

Read the scientific evidence for using CGMs for weight loss

You can take showers, exercise, work out, and even swim with your CGM. The CGM is designed to be able to work in water in depths of up to 8 feet and altitudes of up to 13,800 feet. You can also use it in a hot tub as long as the temperature does not exceed 107.6°F.

Live somewhere tropical? No worries, the sensor can function in up to 95% humidity.

You will not need to scan the CGM with your phone, as the device transmits data continuously — every 5 minutes — to your phone. To make sure your phone is capturing the readings, you just need to enable bluetooth, and make sure your phone is within 20 feet of you.

Based on your health history, a doctor will determine if you are a good fit to use the Signos platform. When approved, we will send your prescription to our pharmacy partner, and the kit will be delivered to you within 4-6 business days.

We are currently available on:

Your order will ship as soon as our medical partner approves your brief health quiz. After your prescription has been sent to our pharmacy, you will receive an email with your tracking number, and your Signos kit will ship within 1-2 weeks.