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We spend a lot of money trying to lose weight and a lot of time thinking about it. The truth is, losing weight is complicated. It's hard. Below you'll find science-backed articles—written and reviewed by experts—that can help you in what ever stage of your weight loss journey you're in.

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Man, dressed in business casual clothing, walking up a flight of stairs

Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) for Weight Loss

Glucose, the sugar you get from food, provides energy for your cells. Too much glucose can be a problem, but by keeping blood sugar stable, you unlock the ability to burn stored fat. This is the basic science behind using a CGM for weight loss.

Person grabbing medication out of daily medication reminder container

Medications That Can Cause Weight Gain

Some medications can cause weight gain or prevent weight loss, but knowing why and how can help you weigh the benefits of taking them. Cathleen McKnight, DNP, MS, NP-C, NCMP, discusses these medications and what you can do—and what you shouldn't do.

Woman stepping on a smart scale as she gets out of bed

How Diet Culture Feeds Weight Bias and Stigma

The diet industry has influenced the way we view our bodies and health—and the end result is less than favorable. In this article, Caitlin Beale, MS, RDN, examines the role of diet culture and its influence on weight and food bias.

a happy middle aged woman dressed in business casual clothes

Weight Loss for Women Over 40: Lose Weight Before, During, & After Menopause

It’s never too late to begin your weight loss journey. Cathleen McKnight, DNP, a certified menopause provider, explains the science behind losing weight as you age. 

Mom holding her newborn baby and smiling in hospital bed

Postpartum Weight Loss: What To Expect And How To Shed Baby Weight

In this article, Cathleen McKnight, DNP, MS, NP-C, NCMP, discusses weight loss after pregnancy, including what to expect, where to start, and more.

Woman smiling and talking to a friend while on a walk in a park

How to Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle

You've heard the phrase, “healthy lifestyle.” But what does it really mean to have a healthy lifestyle, and where do you start?

Joyful woman cooking vegetables in a stainless steel pot

Benefits of Sustainable Weight Loss

Read about the many benefits of sustainable weight loss that contribute to living a longer, more active life.

Woman running at dawn

Reasons for Weight Gain: Genes, Lifestyle, or Both?

Learn about the biological and lifestyle factors behind weight gain and how to address them.

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A woman sitting at a counter writing a New Year's resolution in a journal

Realistic Weight Loss Goals: How to Set Weight Loss Goals You Won't Quit

Have a weight-loss goal as a New Year’s resolution? Learn how to approach it strategically so you don't give up.

A casserole dish filled with cooked lasagna with a hand pulling a forkful of lasagna with strings of melted cheese hanging down

How Many Cheat Meals a Week Can You Have and Maintain Fitness?

Do cheat meals help or hurt? Learn how to cultivate a healthy relationship with food so you don't cheat yourself.

A Black couple cooking in the kitchen together

Average Weight Loss Per Week: How Much Can You Lose?

Learn about healthy weight loss, how much weight you can expect to lose in one week, and how much weight you should expect to lose on popular weight loss plans.

Three Hispanic woman standing close to one another. Each woman is a bit overweight, and might want to lose weight

Weight Loss for Beginners: What You Need to Know to Lose Weight

The ultimate guide to weight loss for beginners, with expert tips from an MD on what to eat and do to see success.

Overhead angle of people eating pizza

How to Stop Overeating: Tips From a Registered Dietitian

Overeating impacts your weight and your health. Try these tips from a registered dietitian to stop overeating.

Women of different ages and ethic backgrounds having coffee and talking

The Science Behind Weight Loss for Women

Are men and women really that different when it comes to weight loss? We break down weight loss for women here.

A hand holding a fork over a bowl of chickpeas, vegetables, and quinoa, a meal high in probiotics that's good for gut health and weight loss

Gut Health and Weight Loss: Is There A Connection?

Research makes it clear that taking care of your gut is crucial for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Middle Eastern woman walking down a street, an exercise that may help influence what you weigh

Set Point Weight: What Is it and Can it Impact Your Weight Loss Goals?

Set point weight suggests we're meant to stay at a certain weight, no matter our efforts. But is this true?

A Latinx woman using an ab roller to do core exercises in a gym

What Is Metabolic Health?

Find out what metablolic health is, how you can determine what it is, and natural ways to improve it.

A close up shot of a burger with fried onion rings and a bottle of coke in the background. This food and drink can add to lower belly fat.

How to Burn Off Your Lower Belly Fat

You can't spot reduce lower belly fat. But, you can make changes to trim your waist with these five strategies.

A man running on a paved path with a fence

Does Running Burn Belly Fat?

Running can burn belly fat. Learn the right approach to whittling your waist with running.

a woman climbing up a hill, a metaphor for a weight loss plateau

15 Ways to Outfox a Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss plateaus are hurdles, not a full stop. Learn how to get past them and keep losing weight.

A close up shot of a hunk of medium steak, a meat that many people eat on a ketogenic diet.

Keto and Intermittent Fasting: Does it Work?

Keto and intermittent fasting do work for weight loss, but only if you restrict calories. But, is it worth it?

An overhead shot of salad preparation, a meal that is unlikely to spike your blood sugar that may help you lose weight

Blood Sugar And Weight Loss: How Tracking Glucose Can Change Our Mindset

Learn how glucose tracking can help you connect the dots between the ways your blood sugar can impact weight loss.

A close up shot of two women about to do weighted lunges, an exercise that can boost your metabolism

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally: 7 Ways

Can you boost metabolism after a certain age? Yes! Learn 7 research-backed ways to burn more energy each day.

A woman outside doing a pushup

Using Willpower to Lose Weight? Does It Work?

Does willpower work for weight loss? Read why willing yourself thinner ignores the complex biology of weight loss.

Numerous mason jars with probiotic-rich fermented foods, including pickles and vegetables.

Probiotics for Weight Loss: How Your Gut Bacteria Affects Your Weight

Is there a connection between probiotics and weight loss? Possibly, but read why the answer is nuanced.

A close up overhead shot of a white mug with black coffee

Can Green Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

Green coffee extract is touted as an aid to lose weight, but our research shows that science is divided. Read the results and more.

woman doing high knees on a grass field

10-Minute HIIT Workout

What's the best type of workout to do to lower a glucose spike and jumpstart fat burning?

woman doing a plank as part of a full body workout

Full Body Workout: 10 Minutes to Lower a Glucose Spike

Research shows that short, intense bouts of exercise can stabilize glucose levels and...

Woman squatting low and holding a dumbbell

Dumbbell Leg Workout (Only 10 Minutes!)

You don’t have to move for 60 minutes or more to reap the blood sugar-stabilizing benefits of exercise.

three slices of gluten-free bread topped with sliced bananas and blueberries, sliced tomatoes, or sliced avocado

Is Gluten Free Low Carb?

Curious if gluten free and low carb are the same? If keto is gluten free? Read this ...

man sleeping with his arms resting behind his head

Sleep and Weight Loss: 7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep and Weight Loss Efforts

For those who want to slim down, an activity that involves lying down should be one of the things you prioritize.

Breakfast pastries on white plates next to glasses of orange juice, oranges and cups of coffee. The sugar in these foods can spike glucose, causing the quick release of insulin.|

How Excess Insulin Is Associated with Excess Weight

Weight gain happens when you consume more energy (calories) than you need...

Snacking and weight loss: yes or no? Big board with snacks like baby carrots, snap peas, blueberries, nuts, olives, proscuitto

Snacking and Weight Loss: A Good or Bad Idea?

Can snacking and weight loss happen together? It depends on the snack and how it’s incorporated into your day.

Green bananas are a great source of resistant starches, carbs that can help you lose weight. Photo of bunches of green bananas.||Hannah's blood glucose spike after she ate one cup of cooled white rice with resistant starch. Her glucose only spiked to 145 mg/dL.|Hannah's blood glucose spike after she ate one cup of cooled white rice with resistant starch. Her glucose only spiked to 145 mg/dL.|Screenshot of Hannah's blood glucose spike after she ate one cup of just-cooked white rice with no resistant starch. Her glucose spiked to 210 mg/dL at the peak before going down a bit and then spiking back up again.|Bill's glucose spike after eating 300 grams of boiled potatoes with no resistant starch. His glucose spiked to 97 mg/dL before dipping and spiking again before coming down.|Bill's glucose after eating 300 grams of boiled potatoes with resistant starch. His glucose spiked to 123 mg/dL.

Resistant Starches: Carbs That Help You Lose Weight

If you’ve tried to eliminate or drastically cut carbs from your diet to lose weight and feel like...

Sugar substitutes

Are Artificial Sweeteners Worse Than Sugar?

You might think that using a packet of Sweet-n-Low or Splenda would be a healthier option, but existing research..

Monk Fruit and Allulose

Natural Sugar Substitutes: Monk Fruit and Allulose

A article about two newer sweeteners, monk fruit and Allulose, and their affect on metabolic health. 

An array of chocolate on a simple background.

For the Chocolate Lovers

According to an analysis, dark chocolate contains flavonoids that help lower insulin resistance...

An array of desserts.

Let’s Resolve to Eat Healthier This Year

New Years is in the rearview mirror, and so are most of our resolutions...