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Achieving optimal health is a personal journey that may include improving your physical fitness. Signos encourages a balanced approach to exercise and fitness that includes cardio workouts, resistance training, and frequent bouts of movement spread throughout each day. Our fitness articles are intended to provide you with valuable material, tools, tips, advice, support, and information—all backed by science—to help you start, continue and achieve your fitness goals.

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The Metabolic Advantages of Strength Training

Cardio (aerobic) exercise usually gets the most press for metabolic health, but did you know strength training is just as important? Here’s why adding strength training to your workout is a powerful way to optimize metabolic health.

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The Metabolic Advantages of Cardio

Newsflash! Exercise is good for you. Okay, maybe this isn't breaking news, but it's worth repeating. Exercise confers all sorts of benefits, especially for cardiometabolic health (a way to measure the risk of heart and vascular disease).

woman jogging in a park

How Much to Exercise Weekly Based on Your Goals

Regular exercise is important for health and weight maintenance. Best practices suggest including a mixture of aerobic exercise and strength training, but how much time should you actually spend exercising each week to meet your goals?

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How to Measure Your Metabolic Health

When your doctor orders blood work and checks your vital signs, like blood pressure, weight, and fasting glucose, they are doing a metabolic assessment. These numbers give them a look at your risk of developing a chronic medical condition.

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Can Walking Help With Weight Loss?

Can you really lose weight by walking? Yes. A nutritious diet and brisk walking routine can lead to successful weight loss.

man wearing CGM riding exercise bike

Why Is My Blood Sugar High During or After Exercise?

Your blood sugar might be high during or after exercise. Leann Poston, M.D., explains why glucose spikes during or after a workout typically aren’t a bad thing.

A man and woman doing lunges in a park just after sunrise

Should You Exercise Before or After Breakfast?

Ashley Pitt, CPT, Pn1, helps you choose between fed and fasted morning workouts based on your performance and weight loss goals.

Woman putting chalk on her hands before picking up a kettlebell

Using Metabolic Workouts to Speed Up Your Metabolism (And Training Time)

Learn how to use exercise selection, intensity and rest to improve your immediate and post-exercise benefits with metabolic training.

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