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In our podcast, Body Signals, Signos Chief Data Scientist and New York Times best-selling author Bill Tancer speaks with top experts, athletes, and celebrities about the latest science-based nutrition, fitness, and metabolic health topics. Featured guests include Melanie Avalon, Nir Eyal, Thomas DeLauer, and Paul Dituro. All available episodes are listed below.

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How do Berberine, ACV, Light and Temperature Affect Glucose Levels?

A behind-the-scene look at our latest Signos staff experiments.

Body Signals

PCOS, PMS and Perimenopause, What Role Does Glucose Play?

An Interview with Dr. Mary Parman

Body Signals

Can Melatonin Make You Fat? AMA Part II with Signos Co-founder Dr. William Dixon

Ask Me Anything with Dr. William Dixon

Body Signals

Why an RD is an Excellent Glucose Detective - an AMA with Alyssa Wilson, Registered Dietician and Signos Metabolic Coach

Ask Me Anything with Alyssa Wilson, RD.

Body Signals

Why You Can't Out-Exercise a Bad Diet, an Interview with Nicole Aucoin from Healthy Steps Nutrition

Key advice for the intersection between fitness and nutrition 


Four Healthy Habits to Bolster Your Immune System, an Interview with Dr. Heather Moday

Glucose levels and immunity support.

Body Signals Podcast

How Nature Wants Us to Be Fat, An Interview with Dr. Richard Johnson

How fructose may be the key to weight gain

Body Signals

How to Find Your Best Carb with Host Bill Tancer and This Week's Guest and Best-Selling Author, Robb Wolf

Weight loss insights from New York Times Best-selling Author Robb Wolf

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Body Signals

The Great Apple Experiment - How Much Does an Apple Spike Glucose?

Bill and Hannah run through the results of our Signos apple experiment

Body Signals Podcast

How to Rock an "Exercise Snack" and what's the deal with insulin resistance with RD Taylor Fazio, from the Lanby and host Bill Tancer.

Bill and Taylor discuss insulin resistance and some nutritional best practices for the New Year

Body Signals Podcast

Hot Takes with Melanie Avalon on Bio-hacking, Intermittent Fasting and Wine for Weight Loss

Melanie Avalon Interview

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6 Metabolic Experiments to Personalize Your Weight Loss

Listen to this Body Signals podcast episode about conducting experiments to personalize your weight loss.

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Dr. Dixon Answers Signos Members' FAQs About Glucose

Listen to this Body Signals podcast episode to learn all about glucose, insulin resistance, calories, and more.

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The Key to Finding Your Weight Loss Superpower, an Interview with Nir Eyal

Listen to Signos Body Signals podcast interview with Nir Eyal; he gives tips for staying focused on weight loss.

Body Signals Podcast

Choose Your Own Food Adventure with Signos CMO Hannah Russin

With glucose, being forewarned is forearmed, giving you a tactical advantage in how you approach what you eat.

Body Signals Podcast

Why Vinegar May or May Not Be the Next Best Thing for Weight Loss with Dr. William Dixon

Dr. Dixon discusses experimenting with apple cider vinegar (ACV) to lower post-meal blood sugar...

Body Signals Podcast

Supercharge Healthy Weight Loss with Functional Nutrition - A Conversation with Jodi Geigle, Nutritionist and Signos Director of Customer Experience.

Uncover the benefits of functional nutrition, the pitfalls of labeling foods good and bad...

Body Signals Podcast

Pizza, Wine, and Precision Nutrition: an Interview with Dr. Suneil Koliwad (Part 2)

Explore how monitoring the variation of glucose levels via a CGM is ground-breaking for precision nutrition.

Body Signals Podcast

Why Diets Work, But the Weight Comes Back

Dr. Koliwad explains why anyone can lose weight on diets, but why that weight loss is almost always temporary.

Body Signals Podcast

How Impactful Is Meal Timing? Thomas DeLauer Speaks Up

Explore the importance of meal timing, keto meals, different ways to lower your blood sugar.

Body Signals Podcast

Give Me Back My Carbs...with Resistant Starch?!

Discover our in-house eating experimentation and results and how you, too, can eat carbs and still lose weight.

Body Signals Podcast

What You Eat Can be a Life or Death Choice: Interview with Paul Dituro, Human Performance Expert on How to Make Decisions Under Pressure

Hear how neurotransmitters allow you to make decisions, when your snack choices can lead to life or death...

Body Signals Podcast

AMA with William Dixon, MD

During this chat Dr. Dixon and Bill discuss why William was drawn to medicine, how he got involved with Signos...

Body Signals Podcast|

Why CGMs Should Be Our Food Guides with Signos Co-Founders Bill and Sharam

A discussion about continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), and how CGMs can be key for weight loss.