How Nature Wants Us to Be Fat, An Interview with Dr. Richard Johnson

How fructose may be the key to weight gain

Body Signals Podcast

Bill Tancer interviews Dr. Richard Johnson about his new book Nature Wants Us to Be Fat, just released in February 2022.  Dr. Johnson, using fascinating examples in nature and his own research studies  explains how fructose plays a key role in our body's storage of fat. Bill and Doctor Johnson discuss:

  • The basics of sugars and the role they play in weight gain
  • How fructose can impair our own intuition when it comes to hunger
  • The importance of leptin and what to do if you've become leptin resistant
  • Key suggestions to maximize the effectiveness of your weight loss journey

This is a great, informative episode you don't want to miss!

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About the Author

Bill Tancer Headshot
Bill Tancer is a New York Times best-selling author. He is a co-founder and the chief data scientist at Signos and the creator and host of Signos’ podcast, Body Signals.
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