Lifting Weights to Lose Weight an Interview with Lift Society's Dave and Dylan Schenk

How Resistance Exercise Can Accelerate Your Weight Loss Journey

Body Signals Podcast

In this episode, Bill takes us behind the scenes on his own weight loss journey to discuss why he decided to add weight lifting into his fitness plan..  Bill will chat with Lift Society co-founders Dave and Dylan about their own fitness story as  well as discussing some great tips on:

  • How to get started in weight lifting
  • What are the important nutritional considerations
  • Mixing cardio and weight lifting exercises
  • The biggest misconceptions about lifting weights and
  • How to start your own strength program.
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Bill Tancer Headshot
Bill Tancer is a New York Times best-selling author. He is a co-founder and the chief data scientist at Signos and the creator and host of Signos’ podcast, Body Signals.
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