6 Metabolic Experiments to Personalize Your Weight Loss

Listen to this Body Signals podcast episode about conducting experiments to personalize your weight loss.

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In this episode of the Body Signals podcast, host Bill Tancer and Signos Chief Marketing Officer Hannah Russin discuss their perspectives conducting food experiments. The goal: Find the most efficient and personalized path for weight loss. In this episode, Hannah reveals six key food experiments you can conduct with Signos to find your glucose "sweet" spot:

  1. Eating slower
  2. Consuming apple cider vinegar before meals
  3. Testing food swaps  
  4. Testing meal combinations
  5. Exercising after eating
  6. Moving the time of day you eat certain foods

They also discuss how to conduct meaningful experiments; be sure to tune in.

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Bill Tancer is a New York Times best-selling author. He is a co-founder and the chief data scientist at Signos and the creator and host of Signos’ podcast, Body Signals.
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