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Glucose is the key to the healthiest version of you. Monitoring your glucose with a CGM unlocks real-time windows of opportunity to burn fat. Maintaining stable blood glucose (aka "blood sugar") levels may help you prevent weight gain. Understanding your body's glucose response to the foods you eat can help you make small changes that—in time—add up to big results. Read more about the science behind glucose in the articles below.

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Grand mother baking with her granddaughter

Sugar Substitutes That Won’t Raise Blood Sugar

It's easy to get overwhelmed and confused by the many options of sugar substitutes you can buy. Refer this guide when you're looking for the best sugar substitutes for blood sugar.

four bowls filled with nuts: cashews, almonds, pecans, and peanuts

Are Nuts Good for Managing Blood Sugar?

It's the middle of the afternoon, you are stressed and hungry but have a major project you have to finish up before you can call it quits. Thinking it will help, you grab an iced coffee or energy drink to help you power through.

Woman chopping cilantro and putting into a mason jar

Slow-Digesting Carbs and Blood Sugar Control

If you’re unsure about the type of carbs to eat on a blood sugar friendly diet you are not alone. Julia Zakrzewski, RD, helps us understand slow carbs and if they are a good choice to promote stable blood sugar.

a heap of ground cinnamon on a square plate next to a bundle of rolled cinnamon sticks

Can Cinnamon Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

Let's take a look at why cinnamon could help lower blood sugar, whether supplements are necessary, and how to safely include more of it in your diet.

coffee brewing via pour-over technique

Does Coffee Raise Blood Sugar?

In this article, we'll look at what the research says about coffee and its connection to your blood sugar.

Close up shot of Signos CGM on woman's right tricep.

Are CGMs Accurate?

The use of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) is becoming more widespread in the management of diabetes, pre-diabetes, and in certain instances, as an aid to dietary and lifestyle modification. But how accurate are CGMs?

three women laughing while on a springtime walk

Can Seasonal Allergies Spike Blood Sugar?

Danielle Kelvas, MD, discusses how blood sugar levels are affected by seasonal allergies, how to manage blood sugar levels during allergy season, and how our diet can help.

Doctor in white coat writing on clipboard while talking to patient

Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes: Symptoms, Risk Factors, and What You Can Do

Imagine you recently scheduled a physical exam with your healthcare provider and learned that your fasting blood glucose was a little high. The good news is that you don’t have type 2 diabetes, at least not yet, but your doctor is concerned.

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Picture of Thomas DeLauer posing, arms crossed and smiling

CGMs for Non-Diabetics: Improve Weight Loss, Sleep, Stress, and Exercise Timing

Tracking your glucose levels can help you make better decisions in regards to weight loss, stress, sleep, and exercise.

Woman smiling while looking at a recipe on her phone in the kitchen

How to Control Blood Sugar Spikes After Meals

When you eat a meal with carbs, your blood sugar rises as food breaks down into glucose and is absorbed into your bloodstream. Some carbs will cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, while others are more gradual. Stabilize your glucose with these tips.

View in the Signos app showing a blood sugar response to an english muffin and butter spiking at 161 ml/dL at 9:44am

Does Vinegar Lower Blood Glucose Levels? 

Some studies found that consuming vinegar with meals can help prevent blood sugar spikes. Peter Palmieri, MD discusses these along with a Signos experiment below.

Close up shot of vials of blood drawn from patients to track their blood glucose

Why Would a Non-Diabetic Want to Track Their Glucose?

Your glucose response can reveal a lot about your metabolic health. Even non-diabetics can track their glucose as a strategy to prevent chronic disease.

A woman sleeping in bed with an eye mask over her eyes

What Should Your Blood Sugar Be at Bedtime?

What your blood sugar should be at bedtime depends on a few factors. Find out what they are, what may cause your glucose levels to fluctuate at night, and more.

A black man drinking water from a reusable water bottle

Drinking Water to Lower Blood Sugar? Does it Work? How Much?

Water can help lower your blood sugar by flushing out excess sugar through your urine. But how much do you need?

A young man sitting on a couch with his hands over his face. He's stressed, which can cause blood sugar to rise.

Can Stress Cause High Blood Sugar?

What's the link between stress and blood sugar and when can it become problematic? Find out and what you can do.

A bunch of people toasting each other with alcoholic drinks, most of which raise your blood sugar

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Your Blood Sugar

We have personal glycemic responses, so understanding how alcohol impacts your blood sugar can inform your choices

A Hispanic woman and man sitting on a bench, smiling at each other.

What Is Impaired Fasting Glucose and Why Does it Matter for Your Health?

Fasting glucose provides a peek at your metabolism; learn what impaired fasting glucose reveals about your health.

Overhead show of a low-glycemic diet plan meal of salmon, green beans, tomatoes, and cous cous

The 7-Day Low Glycemic Diet Plan

Our low-glycemic diet plan helps you navigate nutrient-dense, tasty, real-food eating with a free 1-week meal plan

A white ramekin containing sugar and sweeteners like stevia on a wood table next to salt and pepper shakers

Does Stevia Raise Your Blood Sugar?

Stevia doesn’t raise blood sugar, has 0 calories, and tastes pretty good. See how it compares to other sweeteners.

An example of a low-glycemic snack: mixed nuts, including hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and peanuts

Low-Glycemic Snacks for Healthy Eating Between Meals

Hangry? These low-glycemic snacks will keep your healthy eating plan on track without spiking your glucose.

A white bowl filled with low-glycemic vegetables is sitting on a wood cutting board next to a fork and slices of lemon

What Is the Low Glycemic Diet?

Find out how a low glycemic diet stabilizes your blood sugar and how low GI carbs can help you manage your weight.

close up of a white plate with a salad made of arugula, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, tuna, and hard boiled eggs

Beginner’s Guide to the Insulin Resistance Diet

Looking to improve your health? An insulin resistance diet might be the best choice you could make.

A black woman meditating with her eyes closed and her hands in prayer position in front of her chest

How To Lower Blood Sugar Fast: 11 Natural Ways

Interested in finding out how to lower blood sugar? Learn 11 natural ways to stabilize your glucose levels quickly

man standing on a hilltop with his arms outstretched, looking at the sunrise

Why Your Blood Sugar Can Be Higher in the Morning

Your body is an incredible machine. When it’s operating how it’s supposed to, it vibes to its own rhythm...

Woman walking away from the camera on a dirt path

How to Reverse Insulin Resistance

It may not be top-of-mind sexy, but insulin resistance is a real condition that impacts millions of Americans...

man doing a push-up on a medicine ball. He's exercising to lower blood sugar.

How to Exercise to Lower Blood Sugar Quickly

One of the best strategies to lower blood sugar (glucose) quickly and keep it more stable for hours...

A stack of pancakes with syrup and blueberries, a breakfast that is likely to spike a person's blood glucose

Beginner's Guide to Glucose

Our guide to glucose reveals all you need to know about glucose and what it can reveal about your metabolic health