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The Science Behind Stable Blood Sugar

People who don’t have diabetes can achieve and maintain stable blood sugar levels for optimal health. The science-backed articles below discuss the role and benefits of maintaining stable blood sugar levels for health.

Stable Blood Sugar

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a man and a woman doing sit-ups in a gym setting

6 Markers of Metabolic Health & How to Improve Them

a woman frying eggs in the kitchen

Are Eggs Good for Metabolic Health?

woman sitting on a sofa taking a probiotic supplement with a glass of water

Can Probiotics Affect Your Metabolic Health?

woman in workout clothes standing outside and smiling

How Blood Sugar & Metabolic Health Are Related

woman wearing a red sweater standing in an outdoor urban area smiling

Blood Sugar and Your Immune System

a woman looking thoughtful while standing outdoors

6 Signs Your Metabolic Health Is Out Of Balance (And What To Do About It)

a woman getting her blood pressure checked by a doctor

Maintaining Stable Blood Sugar Can Help Reduce the Risk of High Blood Pressure

woman eating a plate of pasta

How Long Does It Take to Lower a Blood Sugar Spike?

woman kissing a dog outdoors

What Is Cortisol, and Why Does Managing It Matter for Health?

Person holding bowl of oatmeal topped with strawberries and blueberries

How To Eat Oatmeal For Weight Loss

A bottle of apple cider vinegar next to a glass of ACV and two apples

Should I Drink Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for Weight Loss?

Thomas DeLauer

Using CGM Data to Crack the Weight Loss Code

White ramekins filled with herbs and spices that help control blood sugar levels

Spices that May Lower Blood Sugar

Person driving in car with a scenic view of mountains, trees, and the ocean

How To Eat And Maintain Stable Blood Sugar While Traveling

Grand mother baking with her granddaughter

Sugar Substitutes That Won’t Raise Blood Sugar

four bowls filled with nuts: cashews, almonds, pecans, and peanuts

Are Nuts Good for Managing Blood Sugar?

Woman chopping cilantro and putting into a mason jar

Slow-Digesting Carbs and Blood Sugar Control

Person scooping flavored yogurt—an ultra-processed food—out of container

How Ultra-Processed Foods Affect Blood Sugar

a heap of ground cinnamon on a square plate next to a bundle of rolled cinnamon sticks

Can Cinnamon Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

coffee brewing via pour-over technique

Does Coffee Raise Blood Sugar?

three women laughing while on a springtime walk

Can Seasonal Allergies Spike Blood Sugar?

Various low glycemic fruits displayed on a round tabletop

Low-Glycemic Fruits

A glass of milk on a wooden cheese board surrounded by nuts and figs

Dairy and Blood Sugar: Does Lactose Cause Glucose Spikes?

Woman—with outstretched arms—wearing a CGM plus Signos sport cover on her left tricep

The Scientific Evidence for Using CGMs for Weight Loss

Doctor in white coat writing on clipboard while talking to patient

Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes: Symptoms, Risk Factors, and What You Can Do

Woman smiling while looking at a recipe on her phone in the kitchen

How to Control Blood Sugar Spikes After Meals

View in the Signos app showing a blood sugar response to an english muffin and butter spiking at 161 ml/dL at 9:44am

Does Vinegar Lower Blood Glucose Levels? 

Woman sitting on balance board on the beach in the morning

7 Everyday Foods That Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

A woman sleeping in bed with an eye mask over her eyes

What Should Blood Sugar Be at Bedtime?

Overhead show of a low-glycemic diet plan meal of salmon, green beans, tomatoes, and cous cous

The 7-Day Low Glycemic Diet Plan

A black woman meditating with her eyes closed and her hands in prayer position in front of her chest

How To Lower Blood Sugar Fast: 11 Natural Ways

woman doing high knees on a grass field

10-Minute HIIT Workout

man eating salad with a fork and knife

Benefits of Stable Blood Sugar: How To Reap and Keep Them

woman doing a plank as part of a full body workout

Full Body Workout: 10 Minutes to Lower a Glucose Spike

man doing a push-up on a medicine ball. He's exercising to lower blood sugar.

How to Exercise to Lower Blood Sugar Quickly

woman wearing a continuous glucose monitor holding a smart phone and looking at it

What Are Normal Blood Sugar Levels for People Without Diabetes?

A white woman leaning back on a rowing machine with his arms bent and holding the bar to his chest.
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A white woman leaning back on a rowing machine with his arms bent and holding the bar to his chest.