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Tracking your glucose levels can inform the lifestyle choices we make that can lead to weight loss. The articles below will help you learn more about the how, the why, and the science behind tracking your blood sugar.

Glucose Tracking

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a man and a woman stretching in a grassy area with a cityscape behind them

What Factors Affect Blood Sugar Levels?

woman eating a plate of pasta

How Long Does It Take to Lower a Blood Sugar Spike?

woman smiling and looking at her smartphone while walking outdoors

How Your Period Can Affect Blood Sugar Levels

cloves of raw garlic on a wood table

How Garlic Can Help Lower Blood Sugar

slices of watermelon on a table outdoors

Is Watermelon a Good Fruit for Weight Loss?

Side by side of fingerstick glucometer and a cgm device

CGM Accuracy vs. Fingerstick Glucometers

Thomas DeLauer

Using CGM Data to Crack the Weight Loss Code

man wearing CGM riding exercise bike

Why Is My Blood Sugar High During or After Exercise?

a heap of ground cinnamon on a square plate next to a bundle of rolled cinnamon sticks

Can Cinnamon Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

Woman—with outstretched arms—wearing a CGM plus Signos sport cover on her left tricep

The Scientific Evidence for Using CGMs for Weight Loss

Picture of Thomas DeLauer posing, arms crossed and smiling

Improve Weight Loss, Sleep, Stress, and Exercise With A CGM

Body Signals

The Great Apple Experiment - How Much Does an Apple Spike Glucose?

Close up shot of vials of blood drawn from patients to track their blood glucose

Why Would a Non-Diabetic Want to Track Their Glucose?

A woman sleeping in bed with an eye mask over her eyes

What Should Blood Sugar Be at Bedtime?

An overhead shot of salad preparation, a meal that is unlikely to spike your blood sugar that may help you lose weight

How Tracking Glucose Can Change Our Weight Loss Mindset

man standing on a hilltop with his arms outstretched, looking at the sunrise

Dawn Effect: Higher Blood Sugar in the Morning

woman doing a plank as part of a full body workout

Full Body Workout: 10 Minutes to Lower a Glucose Spike

a large black bowl filled with chickpeas, bell peppers, cucumbers, cilantro, veggies, and pita bread with a spoon in the bowl.|line graph image of a high glucose spike from the Signos app|Hannah's Day 1 high glucose spike from white rice|Hannah's Day 2 high glucose spike after white rice|Bill's Day 2 glucose spike after white rice|Bill's glucose after eating white rice on Day 1|a big bowl of raw vegetables with a low glycemic index and low glycemic load|pints of strawberries, a fruit with a low glycemic index and low glycemic load|salmon and lemon slices on a sheet pan. Salmon has a low glycemic index and low glycemic load.|close up shot of a bowl of chickpeas, which has a low glycemic index and low glycemic load|close up image of raw almonds and cashews, which have low glycemic load and low glycemic index|a selection of soft cheeses on white parchment paper

What Is Glycemic Index? Glycemic Load? How Do They Impact Your Glucose

woman wearing a continuous glucose monitor holding a smart phone and looking at it

What Are Normal Blood Sugar Levels for People Without Diabetes?

A man sitting at a table with his elbow resting on a table. He has a CGM with a sport cover on his arm.

How Does a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Work?

A white woman leaning back on a rowing machine with his arms bent and holding the bar to his chest.
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A boy is on his dad's back with his arms around his shoulders. The dad is on all fours, extending his right leg behind him, and is wearing a CGM with Signos sports cover on his left arm.
A white woman leaning back on a rowing machine with his arms bent and holding the bar to his chest.