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How to Leverage Our Metabolism & Metabolic Health for Optimal Health

Metabolic health (aka "metabolism") refers to how efficiently and effectively our bodies use energy from the food we eat to fuel bodily processes, such as building and repairing body tissue, eliminating waste, growing, and reproducing. Learn how to leverage metabolic health to achieve your health and weight loss goals.

Metabolic Health

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Woman drinking a glass of water in her kitchen

Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

Happy woman eating probiotic-rich yogurt in her kitchen

Should You Take Probiotics to Manage Blood Sugar? 

two people toasting with wine over dinner

How Alcohol Contributes To Weight Gain

protein rich foods including fish, eggs, meat, and nuts

Why Protein Is So Good for Weight Loss

White ramekins filled with herbs and spices that help control blood sugar levels

Spices that May Lower Blood Sugar

woman walking down an urban sidewalk during the day

How to Improve Insulin Sensitivity

a heap of ground cinnamon on a square plate next to a bundle of rolled cinnamon sticks

Can Cinnamon Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

coffee brewing via pour-over technique

Does Coffee Raise Blood Sugar?

Man, dressed in business casual clothing, walking up a flight of stairs

Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) for Weight Loss

Woman putting chalk on her hands before picking up a kettlebell

Using Metabolic Workouts to Speed Up Your Metabolism (And Training Time)

Man powdering bread dough with flour

Best Breads to Minimize Blood Sugar Spikes

Illustration of a person's hand holding a fork near a clock that reads 1:15.

Is Intermittent Fasting Healthy?

Woman standing outside during a nature walk

How to Reduce Inflammation

Close up shot of vials of blood drawn from patients to track their blood glucose

Why Would a Non-Diabetic Want to Track Their Glucose?

two whole grain waffles on a plate, topped with blueberries and drizzled with syrup

Sucrose 101: Sucrose And Blood Sugar

A close up shot of a hand holding a probiotic pill

Your Guide to Improve Gut Health with Probiotics

Numerous mason jars with probiotic-rich fermented foods, including pickles and vegetables.

Probiotics for Weight Loss: How Your Gut Bacteria Affects Your Weight

Asparagus spears, a prebiotic food, on a wood cutting board with a knife next to them

Prebiotic Food List to Improve Your Gut Health Naturally

man sleeping with his arms resting behind his head

7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep and Weight Loss Efforts

A man sitting at a table with his elbow resting on a table. He has a CGM with a sport cover on his arm.

How Does a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Work?

people in a yoga class with their hands in prayer

What Is Metabolic Flexibility? Why You Need and Want It

A white woman leaning back on a rowing machine with his arms bent and holding the bar to his chest.
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A boy is on his dad's back with his arms around his shoulders. The dad is on all fours, extending his right leg behind him, and is wearing a CGM with Signos sports cover on his left arm.
A white woman leaning back on a rowing machine with his arms bent and holding the bar to his chest.