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Cathleen McKnight, DNP, MS, NP-C, NCMP

Women's Health Writer

Dr. Cathleen McKnight is a licensed nurse practitioner in Ohio.

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Dr. Cathleen McKnight is a doctorally prepared, board-certified family nurse practitioner with a certificate of Advanced Education in Obesity Medicine from the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) and is a North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP).

Her professional experiences include labor & delivery/high-risk obstetrics, primary care, women’s health, retail health, psychiatric mental health, clinical operations, quality programs, professorship, corporate leadership, clinical pharmacy advancement, concierge care, and healthcare product and services advising. In addition, she enjoys extending awareness around health and wellness to local, national, and international audiences through medical writing and editing.

Dr. McKnight believes in a simplified, holistic healthcare approach to helping people and populations on their wellness journey. She is also passionate about elevating innovative interdisciplinary models of care to better serve patients and communities. 


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February 25, 2022
Some medications can cause weight gain or prevent weight loss, but knowing why and how can help you weigh the benefits of taking them. Cathleen McKnight, DNP, MS, NP-C, NCMP, discusses these medications and what you can do—and what you shouldn't do.
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Weight Loss and Menopause: What You Need To Know

February 9, 2022
It’s never too late to begin your weight loss journey. Cathleen McKnight, DNP, a certified menopause provider, explains the science behind losing weight as you age. 
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Postpartum Weight Loss: What To Expect And How To Shed Baby Weight

January 25, 2022
In this article, Cathleen McKnight, DNP, MS, NP-C, NCMP, discusses weight loss after pregnancy, including what to expect, where to start, and more.
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