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Thomas DeLauer Headshot 2022

Thomas DeLauer

Health & Fitness Lifestyle Writer

Thomas DeLauer is an expert in diet, nutrition, and mindset. He is motivated by a guiding ethos of integrated optimization: if you perform better, so does the world. 



Thomas DeLauer reaches more than 15 million viewers monthly (on average) through his Youtube channel, where he translates experience and learning from his own health transformation into actionable steps for his dedicated community of 2.9 million subscribers. The strength of Thomas’ platform is communication, distilling complex subject matter -- i.e. the biochemistry of the ketogenic diet, fasting, metabolic health, and more -- into digestible insights for the viewer. 

Thomas has built a name for himself by helping busy people across the world find time to make small, easy changes to not only become healthier, but to become top performers in life, whether career, fitness, family, or hobbies. He has built upon his experience as a young, successful athlete and later, successful businessman that had found himself tipping the scales at close to 300lb. It was through his 100lb weight loss transformation that he was able to tap into how he could truly help others. These experiences allowed him to develop the belief that we all possess the ability to tap into the best versions of ourselves by optimizing our understanding and application of fitness, nutrition, and mindset. He is supported by a remarkable research team that backs his platform with science and evidence to validate the work, and his expertise is shared in fitness and lifestyle publications worldwide. 

As a father and husband (2 young children), Thomas’ motivation lies in helping people become better not just for themselves, but for their families. Utilizing lifestyles such as intermittent fasting, paleo, and even periods of keto, he inspires and optimizes those that are eager to become better versions of themselves.


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