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Peter Palmieri Headshot

Peter Palmieri, MD

Health Writer & Medical Reviewer

Peter Palmieri is a licensed physician in Texas. He practiced pediatrics for over 20 years in underserved communities.



Peter Palmieri is a licensed physician in Texas. He practiced pediatrics for over 20 years in underserved communities, including the south side of Chicago, the Rio Grande Valley, and a community health center for refugees in Houston.

Peter was born in the United States but grew up in Trieste, Italy. He obtained his undergraduate degree at the University of California, San Diego, double-majoring in psychology and animal physiology, received his medical degree from the Loyola University of Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine, and earned a healthcare MBA from The George Washington University.

Throughout his career, Peter’s passion has been the improvement of health through evidence-based healthy habits. He now divides his time writing fiction and researching and writing about healthy lifestyles. He is the first-place winner of the North Texas Book Festival book contest and the Grand Prize winner of the 2015 Literature + Medicine writing contest.


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February 13, 2022
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