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Laura is an award-winning food and nutrition communications consultant, freelance writer, and recipe developer.

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Laura is an award-winning food and nutrition communications consultant, freelance writer, and recipe developer. She is the author of MIND Diet for Two, a cookbook with 65 recipes for boosting brain health. She works with consumers and health focused companies to develop simple, delicious ways to incorporate healthy foods into everyday meals. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @LauraAli_RD and her blog at


How to Make Smoothies Good for Weight Loss

June 30, 2022
If there were ever a food with a health halo, smoothies would be it. Smoothies have been popular as breakfast or workout fuel for years, and they’re often promoted as part of a weight-loss plan. But are smoothies really good for weight loss?
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Drinking Green Tea: Will it Help with Weight Loss and Fat Burning?

June 21, 2022
Green tea has heaps of healthy antioxidants and caffeine that can help boost energy levels. But can it also help you lose weight and burn more fat? Here's what the science says.
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Can Bananas Be Good for Weight Loss?

June 16, 2022
If you are trying to lose weight or manage your blood sugar, you’ve probably heard bananas are high in sugar and not good for weight loss. But, bananas can still have a place in your weight loss diet—as long as you keep these points in mind.
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Benefits of Time-Restricted Eating

May 24, 2022
What's the difference between intermittent fasting and time-restricted eating? We’ll break it down for you in this blog post so you know the nuts and bolts, as well as the scientific research behind it.
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How to Eat a Low-Glycemic Vegan Diet

May 17, 2022
Interest in both plant-based diets and continuous glucose monitoring is growing, leaving many people wondering whether they can blend low-glycemic (low-GI) eating with a vegan diet. The good news is, it may be much easier than you think.
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Are Nuts Good for Managing Blood Sugar?

May 4, 2022
It's the middle of the afternoon, you are stressed and hungry but have a major project you have to finish up before you can call it quits. Thinking it will help, you grab an iced coffee or energy drink to help you power through.
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9 Best Vegetarian Protein Options

April 16, 2022
This article will review 9 of the best protein options available for vegetarians and vegans, why they are important to include in vegetarian and vegan diets, and tips for how to use them.
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Is the DASH Diet Good for Weight Loss?

April 11, 2022
In this article, we’ll go through what the DASH diet is, what you can eat if you are following it and how it may help with weight loss. 
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